XI Weed Science Congress and Symposium on Herbicides and Growth Regulators

Dear colleagues,

Weed Science Society of Serbia has, in an endeavor to stay in line with the developments of weed science as a very dynamic discipline, kept a long tradition of organizing weed science congresses. On behalf of the Organization and Scientific committees, as well as the Weed Science Society of Serbia, we would like to invite you to participate in the XI Weed Science Congress and Symposium on Herbicides and Growth Regulators, which will be held in the wonderful atmosphere of Lake Palić, on September 20-23, 2021. It has become a tradition for our weed science congresses that members of the Weed Science Society of Serbia and all the national and international participants present their scientific results in a professional manner and exchange experiences in weed science and control, as well as their expertise on herbicides and growth regulators. This time there will also be a number of current plenary talks and interesting oral and poster presentations of widely-acclaimed foreign and national experts, which will comprise the topic sessions planned in a way that will gather and entice all the participants to more active involvement in the congress. The program will also include a delightful field trip organized with an idea to learn more about the tourist potentials of Palić and its surroundings, its cultural heritage, wine-growing traditions, etc.

We invite you all to participate and thereby ensure a more successful congress.

The organizer

The program Committee

Scientific committee:

  1. Dr. Ljiljana Radivojević, president
  2. Dr. Dragana Božić
  3. Prof. Dr. Vaskrsija Janjić
  4. Dr. Katarina Jovanović-Radovanov
  5. Dr. Stevan Knežević
  6. Dr. Bojan Konstantinović
  7. Dr. Zlatan Kovačević
  8. Vladimir Ljubičić, BSc.
  9. Dr. Goran Malidža
  10. Dr. Maja Meseldžija
  11. Dr. Siniša Mitrić
  12. Dr. Ljiljana Nikolić
  13. Dr. Danijela Pavlović
  14. Jelena Perenčević, BSc.
  15. Dr. Milena Simić
  16. Dr. Nenad Stavretović
  17. Maja Sudimac, BSc.
  18. Dr. Sava Vrbničanin



Organizing committee:

  1. Dr. Miloš Rajković, president
  2. Dr. Ana Anđelković
  3. Mira Babić, BSc.
  4. Dr. Milan Brankov
  5. Dr. Jelena Gajić Umiljendić
  6. Aleksandar Jotov, BSc.
  7. Dragan Lazarević, BSc.
  8. Marina Lazarević, BSc.
  9. Andrija Lilić, BSc.
  10. Dr. Dragana Marisavljević
  11. Luka Matić, BSc.
  12. Eleonora Onć-Jovanović, MSc
  13. Srđana Petrović, BSc.
  14. Dr. Milena Popov
  15. Dejan Reljin, BSc.
  16. Dr. Nataša Samardžić
  17. Dr. Marija Sarić-Krsmanović
  18. Dr. Verica Vasić
  19. Vladimir Vasojević, BSc
  20. Dr. Filip Vranješ
Important deadlines
  • Abstract submission: by May 31, 2021 
  • Abstract corrections and submission of the final text: by July 31, 2021
  • Second announcement with the Congress Program: August 15, 2021
Registration fee

until June 30, 2021:
• Regular: 10.000 RSD or 90 EUR
• Students and Retirees: 5.000 RSD or 45 EUR

after June 30, 2021:
• Regular: 13.000 RSD or 130 EUR
• Students and Retirees: 8.000 RSD or 80 EUR

You can pay by cache at Congress registration, just fill the form Registration 

Registration fee includes:

  • Weed Science Society of Serbia membership for 2020
  • promotional material
  • coffee breaks
  • three lunches
  • three thematic dinners
  • field trip

If you need a bill to pay, contact us herbolozi@gmail.com

Meeting place

Start: Monday, 20.09.2021.

Closing: Thursday, 23.09.2021.

Venue: Palić, Eko centar http://palickongresi.rs/venue/eko-centar    Google Maps

Accommodation available
Planned topic and themtic groups
  • Weed biology and ecology
  • Invasive weed species
  • Herbicides and plant growth regulators
  • Weed resistance and crop tollerance to herbicides
  • Integrated weed management
Instructions for authors and abstract submission

The abstract should be written using MS Word, on a single A4 format page, with 2.5 cm margins, Times New Roman font size 12, a maximum of 500 words and 5 keywords. The abstract should contain the title (caps lock), last and first name of the author(s), name and address of the affiliated institution, e-mail address of the corresponding author, text of the abstract containing introduction, material & methods, results and conclusion. The abstract should be sent in electronic form to the email address of the Congress organizers kongresokorovima2020@gmail.com until May 31, 2021.  The abstracts will be reviewed and the reviewers can demand the authors to make any appropriate changes in the abstract. The authors must send the corrected version by June 30, 2020, at the latest. Program of the congress will only include those abstracts which have gone through the registration, reviewing and printing stages. Text of the full papers should be prepared following the instructions for publishing in the Acta herbologica journal and sent to the email address of the organizer by September 30, 2020.


Dr. Miloš Rajković
Cell: +381 64 870 6116
E-mail: milos.rajkovic@nsseme.com

Dr. Ljiljana Radivojević
Cell: +381 64 172 5778
E-mail: ljiljana.radivojevic@gmail.com